What to wear !

What to wear !

Monki gray cardigan
$68 – monki.com

Modström jump suit
$96 – welikefashion.com

Dr. Martens dr martens boots
$145 – gravitypope.com

Bow headwrap
$6.64 – newlook.com

One month – One Challenge

So, not that long ago I read a article about a man who each month made a new challenge for himself. Which made him do a lot of stuff he normally wound’t have done, and he tried a lot of new things, got knew perspective on things and had a lot of fun whit it. 

The challenges changed each month, and it had to be something he did every day. Like take 1 photo each day, writ 10 page on a book each day, bicycle to work everyday or something like that. 

Then I read that I though it was I really good idea, special now then the spring soon come here in Denmark and I want to do stuff outside agine. So now i’m going to take that challenge up, and me first challenge will be to post something every day on this blog until the 11th march, where I will find something else to do ! 

Hope some of you also might get inspired of this idea.